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Ransomware – a threat for all businesses

During a pay and spray attack ransomware Petya devastatingly attacked IT systems of a number of industry giants. Food processing multinational Mondelez, US-pharma producer Merck and the Russian oil giant Rosneft were likewise affected.

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IMB publishes second quarter report of 2017

87 incidents of maritime piracy in the first half of 2017. According to the second quarter report of the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) a total number of 87 incidents was reported.

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Piracy incidents June/July

The latest piracy attacks in the Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Guinea and in SE Asia

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ISIL under pressure in the Middle East – consequences for the West

Mosul’s reconquest lasts for more than a year by now and while the Iraqi army controls the eastern parts of the megapolis, fights in the western parts continue brutally.

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Philippines: Fight against militias

The Philippines are one of Asia's fastest growing economies and an important trade partner for the West.

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