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  • 27.06.2017 - IMB Report - Pirates hijack oil tanker / Malaysia

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27.06.2017 - IMB Report - Pirates hijack oil tanker / Malaysia

Ref: IMB/PRC/Alert – 115/2017

270900 UTC Jun 017

To: All Whips Transiting South China Sea / Off Tioman Island / Off Kuantan / Off Anambas - Natuna Island / Singapore straits

Warning          Warning          Warning

23.06.2017: 2100 LT: Posn: 03:55.27N - 103:52.8E, 33nm NNE of Kuantan, Malaysia.

While underway a tanker laden with a cargo of gas oil enroute from Singapore to Songkhla, Thailand was boarded and hijacked by six pirates heavily armed  in a speed boat. They disabled all communication equipment on board. They took hostage the 17 crew members including the master and hijacked and sailed the tanker to a new location. The pirates stole part of the gas oil cargo and transferred to another vessel and escaped. The crew were later released safely and  sailed the tanker to a safe port.

Vessels are advised to exercise caution in the vicinity of the position given in this report and maintain maximum CPA with any vessel acting suspiciously.

Maintain strict anti piracy watch especially at night.  Early assessment / detection will allow ships to take evasive measures to prevent boarding and request for assistance. Pirates normally will abort once spotted and authorities notified.

All attacks and suspicious sightings should be reported.

IMB Piracy Reporting Centre

24 Hours Anti-Piracy Helpline+603 2031 0014 Fax: +603 2078 5769

Email: imbkl@icc-ccs.org //piracy@icc-ccs.org