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Blog | | by R. Langemeyer

A Cheer for Coziness

Just before Christmas we'll get through with some good news. They still exist, THE Bavarian restaurant!

A stone's throw away from the Isartor, inconspicuously situated on a corner, you will find the Gasthaus Isartor. Inside it is a cozy bar, with wood-paneled walls and a rustic atmosphere.  One does not have to wait long for a freshly tapped Augustiner from a wooden barrel and the Bavarian classics on the menu not only read well, but they also taste fabulous. Away from the classic tourist traps, you can still experience Bavarian coziness in its original form. No matter whether summer or winter, you will always find a cozy place to enjoy and rest. A reservation as well as cash should be obligatory. Have fun and enjoy your visit to the Gasthaus Isartor.

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